14 September 2007

No more staples...

Saw my GP this morning, despite a huge screw-up with the appointment time. [The p/t receptionist had told me the appt was at 9:15, then she confirmed it as 9:00, I figured the difference of 15 minutes was no problem. Then I got there just before 9 and was told the appt was in the books as 11:15 -- I was NOT impressed. Luckily the regular receptionist was very accomodating, and got me in "right away" which on a Friday meant about 9:50.]

Most of the staples came out easily (I'll spare you the details, but if you want to see the tool he used, I took a photo of the tool and the instructions; I didn't take a photo of my foot this time.). I also got a note and some other paperwork signed -- I now am the proud holder of a temporary handicapped parking pass (woo!) so finding somewhere to park at the mall, etc will be less of an issue for a while.

Hubby was great helping me to and from the van and the doctor's office plus getting the parking pass, and even getting me a much needed latté.

As for the ankle itself, the incision sites are healing well; the swelling has gone way down; and the bruises are much less prominent, but the whole process will be long. I was told though, to take my foot out of the Aircast when I am resting (which Hubby says the surgeon also told me, but I don't recall that instruction). Anyway, it's out now... getting some very welcome air.


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