06 September 2007

Healing is a Slow Process... and that's OK.

So... Tuesday I went to see the surgeon, got some x-rays, lost the splint and got an Aircast boot. All of this was good news -- my ankle is healing as well as can be expected and everything looks good. Unfortunately, I went in with some unrealistic expectations, so I spent most of the day feeling sorry for myself. The boot is heavy and awkward, but my foot does feel much more protected inside it:


After finishing at the hospital, we met up with Kiddo and my Mother in Law and went out for lunch (at Red Robins... mmmm. Good food, but the place needs a serious decorating makeover!). I used the walker to get in and out of the restaurant, but I wasn't used to the size and weight of the boot. By the time I got back in the van I was in pain and slightly winded.... but it didn't stop us from going to Mayfair mall (being stuck in the house for a week was driving me a little crazy). Mayfair offers complementary wheelchairs at the concierge desk which made the visit much easier. (I learned how to manouever a wheelchair a few years ago by spending a day at work in a chair for a disability awareness day.)

Even though it felt good to be out and about, it left me completely exhausted. When I got home, I took some pain medication, curled up in bed and was out like a light for an hour. I was still upset and whiny when I woke up though and Hubby had to basically do a mini-intervention to get me to snap out of it.

He was totally right. I can get a lot out of this time. I may not be able to sit and work for 4 hours straight, but I can get a few hours of writing done through the day. Or not. But there is no reason to feel so bad; it's just a broken ankle which will heal. While it's healing I might just cross off an item or two from that very big List of Unfinished Projects.


Star said...

Two seconds to break it and weeks to heal it. Doesn't seem fair. Not to gloss over your pain, but we have Red Robins here. Think it's the same chain? WE also have a neighborhood called Mayfair. That's where Sarcas-sis lives.

pastilla said...

Totally understandable mini-meltdown.

Personally, I think any time you have an accident or illness with helplessness involved, it takes an emotional toll, which is exhausting.

For me doing something repetitive and listening to audiobooks is good therapy . . .