09 January 2007

The Year of Finishing Projects

So, hubby and I have designated 2007 as our year to put to rest as many of our half-finished or half-baked projects as possible. We wrote out a combined list, including some goals -- the aim is to put 2 hrs per night or 16 hrs per week each toward our various tasks.

This isn't as horrible as it seems because most of the projects are creative endeavours in one guise or another. The toughest part for me is to see a project to the finish line. Already, I keep glancing at other items on the list, thinking "ooh, shiny!" and I have to fight myself from adding other new ideas to the list ... but I chose to start with the calendar project I indended to do last summer... and as a result I am doing two at once.

One calendar will be my photos of Victoria, which I will promote through my Unnoficial Guide -- which is also on the list to be upgraded!! -- and the other will be my photos of rabbits on campus -- I got so much good feedback on the one I did as a gift for my Aunt that I thought it prudent to make another.


Over the past 5 evenings I have searched through about 18 months of raw photos (i.e. hundreds if not thousands of images) to pull out those shots I feel are calendar worthy. I have printed out contact sheets and now I will try to weed those down to 12 images for each calendar (possibly 13 if I choose a different image for the cover). Then I will have to edit those to the specifications required by the print-on-demand company I am hoping to use (Lulu.com) before uploading them. Phew. If I plow ahead, I think I might be at that stage in another week. If I am realistic, I might be looking at two weeks.

Other projects on the horizon include an overdue Christmas gift (knitting), a commissioned item (more knitting), lots of web upgrades, redesigns, and maybe an abandonment or two, some manuscripts and a self-published, limited run book of haiku. That's off the top of my head... the list is huge, and broken down into several sections including "mad skillz" which is stuff we need to learn to accomplish some of our goals!!!

I'll keep you up to date as I can... it will be interesting look back next January and see what we managed to complete.


pastilla said...

ek_man suggests you name the bunnies "Miss September," "Miss July" etc.

Cheryl said...

Wow. This is the definition of a buried comment; it took me nearly 3 years to realize it was here... and I love the idea. :)