23 January 2007

This and that....

Cold FX™ has failed me. I am home sick. Also, I fear that I will need another root canal... ouch. But I can still type... so here I am.

Remember the Elans? Well, they are planning for the 2007 event and requested to use some of my photos from the 2006 Elans on the new website. I requested and received credit, so "yay."

Speaking of photos, another person contacted me to suggest submitting one of my photos to CartArt, so I did.

And speaking of submitting, I've submitted this blog, and some of my others, to the Big Blog Directory, an ambitious undertaking (to say the least) by a fellow local blogger and photographer, Leon.

I've also managed to contribute to the Victoria Grid Project this month:

h32_winterharbour1 h32_boatmosaic h32_miragecoffee h32_balconies

The idea started in a thread over at Vibrant Victoria and grew into a group at Flickr -- there are currently 34 members contributing to the project. The concept is this: members agree on one grid square on a map (it was decided to use the MapArt Victoria map, for consistency). January has been grid H32 which includes the Inner Harbour and a section of James Bay.

Coming up this Friday and Monday I will be working from home, care of the Union, to start the full design of the local's website, version 2.0. I think I have decided to try Drupal, especially since I have a Drupal expert close at hand.


Ashley said...

Oh no, i have heard such good things about cold-fx. i am sorry you are sick!

Cheryl said...

Ashley, this is the first cold I have had in almost a year since I started taking Cold-FX preventatively (i.e. every day). So, I still totally recommend the product, this virus just happens to be brutal.