06 January 2007

Misty Technicolor Memories....

Oh.... so many memories. Spent the morning at my mother's, sorting out toys... kiddo doesn't play with a lot of them and we thinned out two boxes worth... but we kept all the vintage Fisher Price stuff (my brother would take a red-eye flight and kill me in my sleep if I either took or let Mom sell the FP toys or the LEGO)... all well-worn due to many many hours of play from our childhood.


Pictured is a detail from the Play Family Village set... I was surprised by how much stuff (including many pieces I forgot) had survived. I spent over an hour photographing some of the details... There are more photos over at flickr.

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carrie said...

Ooh! I remember having those toys when I was younger. I wonder what happened to them. My mother is a huge packrat, so it's entirely possible they're hiding in some dark corner of her basement.

Happy New Year to you and your family! I hope you have a wonderful 2007.