12 January 2007

Art to Beat the January Blahs

It's Friday, and really, it's about time. It was minus eight degrees Celcius this morning. MINUS EIGHT people. That's about 17° Fahrenheit for my American readers, and it's too damned cold for Victoria. I pay big bucks to live somewhere where temperature used to range from about 5 to 25°C through the year -- not minus anything to thirty anything!!!

But enough ranting. On with art.

1. cARTalog -- Art from catalog cards. Sigh. I do hate to see the last of these cards. I work with them each day, and it is a bit sad to see them go... but if they have to go, they may need to become art like these at the University of Iowa.

2. Little Cotton Rabbits -- these are the most adorable knit soft toys I've seen. Some are for sale from time to time, and I think the artist also takes commissions.

3. Simpsonzu -- If you haven't seen it already, hubby blogged about the Simpsonzu, a fan's anime-style interpretation of the Simpsons characters. What I love about this drawing is that many of the characters are one step away from how I imagine them in live action. Fan art is a funny thing; most of it is abysmal but every now and then a gem emerges. The Simpsonzu is one of those rarities.

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pastilla said...

Great links. M'lord, I'd love a wall of old-style card-catalog cabinets with all those drawers . . .