26 January 2007

One of those days...

Today feels like it has been three separate long days.

Day, part 1:

Woke up still sick. Felt really awful but tried to work anyway (was working from home today, on union web stuff). At 10:30, after accomplishing very little, caved and went back to bed until noon.

Day, part 2:

Felt better after a nap and lunch. Plowed through a LOT of info about Drupal (hey! I think I might actually like this CMS). Broke brain*. Did some maintenance on the current union website. Looked at clock... uh-oh, 4:00, time to think about getting kiddo from daycare.

Day, part 3:

Took the long route to go get kiddo, owing to the beautiful weather today (oh, right, this is why I live here) and thinking that the fresh air would do me well. Took camera; took many photos along the way.

seaplane_shoalpoint painted_jellyfish westbay_walkway branches_with_moon

Gathered kiddo and walked home with her. Had dinner. Watched The Day After Tomorrow with kiddo and hubby while uploading many photos to flickr.

Day, part 3.5:

Back to Drupal (since I owe about 4 hours to the Union, and it's gotta be done sometime soon...). With hubby's help, I set up a development site on my desktop and I am now diving in headfirst to try and set up the site... "look, ma! no hands!" Actually, as content management systems go, Drupal is pretty swish.... and once I get the hang of it, I will be using it in the redesign of some of my other sites (starting with the sadly neglected FrugalVictoria)...

*Clearly, I cannot go back to school. While it is no problem at all to remember that Bel Biv Devoe sang the craptacular 80s tune Poison, apparently I have trouble integrating new information. I have to do it in small bursts... I think maybe an hour to 90 minutes is the limit.

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