18 January 2007

Artist's response....

I often forget this blog is not only public but searchable... well, it's not that I forget, just that I don't really think about it. So anyway, I was pleasantly surprised to get a response from the artist to a little post I put up about his work over a year ago. The artist in question is Thomas Allen, and I blogged about his Good Light series of pulp novels-as-art.

He was amused by the banter in the comments, and then quietly pimped his forthcoming book, Uncovered, to be released in fall 2007 by Aperture (a very kick-ass press that publishes some of the finest photography out there.... and some of the weirdest I've seen, now that I think about it... we get their journal here in the library, and many times I have stood there totally sidetracked as I "just flipped through" to look at the issue I was shelving).


Turns out Thomas Allen also has a blog ... and, he's an engaging writer as well as a clever artist.

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