29 November 2006

Wacky Wislist Items....

Ooo, this is neat. Out of my pricerange, but neat:

Shelflife -- off-kilter bookshelf with a chair and footstool that slide right in (or pull right out) by designer Charles Trevelyan.

Hey, I could afford one of these... but I probably don't need one:

6-in-1 Keyring Multi Tool
-- looks like a key, fits on a keyring, includes flat, philips and eyeglass screwdriver tips, straight and serraded knife edges, and a bottle opener. This is my favourite multi-tool yet.

Hmm, I think I could make these. Better add them to the giant ToDo list:

Feltris Blocks -- simple felt construction of Tetris style blocks.

Periodic Table Shower Curtain -- actually I had planned to make one with pockets and flashcards so kiddo could learn how they all fit in to the table.... Hmm.

These are interesting... but not for my wishlist:

Chairs (and other furniture) made from bike parts. Check out the Milano Lounge Chair -- complete with bicycle horn [HONK HONK, "Get me another beer!"]

Giant Swiss Army Knife. 85 tools in one? I don't even know how I would hold this. Someone forgot the "less is more" mantra.

Moon Shoes. Trampolines for your feet! How cool is that? Unfortunately, I exceed the weight limit. Damn.

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