18 November 2006


Today, I pulled all my stock together and put it up on a desk not currently in use in the office. At 5'x1'6" it's a bit smaller than what I will have to work with on the day of the fair (6'x2'6") but that's OK as I still have my beanbags to add, and I can spread the rest of the stock out a bit. I will also have a dish of chocolates to entice buyers....


I am particularly pleased with my plan to use the pasta drying rack to display my CuppaJoe Cozies. They are all hanging with ornament hooks.... and I think they look great!


I'm also pretty happy with the variety of pincushions -- I will be sewing up a few more tonight though. Then maybe tomorrow I can make a few stuffed toys and/or knit some last-minute Cozies!


Monday, it'll be hard to work... then Monday night I'll be checking my list, and Tuesday, we'll see how it all goes. Fingers crossed.

tags: craftfair, be prepared

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