24 November 2006

Home, sick, home.

Well, I think I tried to do too much this month. Going in Wednesday was probably a mistake; I dragged myself through the day and people kept asking me, "Are you OK?" -- clearly I was not. So I stayed home yesterday... feeling gross... today I feel a little worse.

I did some sorting yesterday. I needed to blast through a backlog of papers in the office and doing so while sick may have been the best plan ever. I had no patience for sentimentality so stuff that on other days I might have salvaged just went into the big recycle bin. Woo!

sorting junk_shred_recycle

In the end, I managed to eke out enough room to leave my sewing machine set up "permanently" in the office, next to my old desktop computer. It's not a ton of space -- I can't sew a quilt up there, but it's enough room to do crafting.


I also tidied my bedside table... today though... I think a little less activity. Sigh.

tags: organization, cleaning, sorting

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