06 November 2006

Procrastination? Frustration? Avoidance?

Who knows. Either way, I wrote all of about 200 words toward NaNoWriMo this weekend. On the other hand, I did meet my craft goal of making 24 more finger puppets, plus I also knit three PrideCozy CuppaJoe Cozies. I guess sometime on Saturday, I decided that I could most likely sell the bulk of whatever I made at the craft fair (cash=instant feedback) whereas participating in NaNoWriMo would have no immediate outcome aside from bragging rights (which are cool, but don't put money in the bank). So NaNoWriMo gets to be fourth on the priority list. (List = Family, Work, Crafts, NaNoWriMo).

Today, I thought about how to describe my novel's protagonist and came up with "The Bureaucrat with the Heart of Coal." I almost like that as a title. Almost.

tags: nanowrimo, craftfu

1 comment:

Xolo said...

I thought having a heart of coal was a requirement to be a bureaucrat.

I may be mistaken, though.