29 November 2006

Baby, it's cold outside.

All I want to do is curl up, do some knitting, and watch Christmas movies. This is odd for me, I usually like to reign in Christmas themed stuff to December -- preferably about two weeks around Christmas Day. The weather though, seems to make me want to nest in around coloured lights.

Of course I can't put up our tree yet; we got rid of our artificial tree last year and are planning on getting a real cut tree this year (kiddo needs to smell a real tree at least once and I really miss the smell and feel).

With the randomly crappy weather it also looks like we will have to postpone our trip to Vancouver this Friday, which has me very bummed. We were planning on taking in the BodyWorlds 3 exhibit and doing some shopping. Sigh. If the weather suddenly clears up by Thursday night we will likely head over and take our chances with hotels but we aren't booking ahead.


tags: frozen, winter, victoriabc, Christmas

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