02 May 2009

Of cabbages and kings

(Well not really but that was quoted on the wall by our booth at Floyd's 2 where we had lunch today.)

First, since I know you are all on the edge of your seats -- I did bike to work and back on Thursday and again on Friday. Thursday took me exactly 30 minutes from my back door to the bike racks outside the library; home took about 25 minutes because more of the trip is downhill. On Friday the trip in took about 27 minutes and back about 25 again. So it's safe to say that I need to allow at least half an hour each way. Yay! Bike to Work Week is on approach so I will try to keep cycling through the next two weeks and see where I am at after that.

Even though I was exhausted, I did get outside to plant the strawberries and water all the garden areas last night, but that was about the extent of my activity. Oh, except I did also take a bunch of photos -- not that it takes a lot of energy to take photos :)


Today, we slept in somewhat, then went out in search of garage sales -- the first two were non-sales and one was just a bunch of toddler toys. Actually, there were tons of toys and baby things for sale today but we didn't come home empty-handed. We got some little folding stool/table things for the living room, two deck chairs, and a little planter set for outside, a few other little things, and Hubby found another ornament to zombie-up.

Today was also the first full day of the Moss Street Market for 2009, so we went and got some seedlings, some fresh, tiny donuts, plus some veggies and focaccia bread. As if that weren't enough, it is also Free Comic Book Day so we stopped downtown where there are three stores in one block. Between the three of us and the three stores we got a fair haul:


Now we are home where I am about to tackle some movie reviews and other web updates.


Greg said...

Hooray for cycling! I haven't cycled to work since coming back from holiday two weeks ago, because I got back and suddenly it was dark in the evenings and I didn't have my lights sorted out. But I just bought a 1 watt LED front light, which is super bright!

When I first started cycling to work, I wasn't able to keep it up for a whole week, so I started with two days a week, then three, four if I was feeling keen, then worked up from there. It's good to get to a point where it feels like the normal thing to do.

Star said...

Happy FCBD.