31 May 2009

Anti-Vegas Vacation

I am composing this post from a cabin in the forest at one of the many resorts along the beaches in Parksville BC. We've been here two nights though it seems like it has been a much longer vacation; it's been very relaxing.

Even though Kiddo arrived with a migraine (sleeping most of the way here), she proclaimed this the Best Trip Ever. Clearly, we all prefer this type of get-away -- forest, open space, beach-optional, time to play and no real schedule. It's sort of a middle ground between city get away and camping get away -- the cottage is nice because we are self-contained and in the midst of a Douglas fir forest but we are still only five minutes from coffee houses and supermarkets and there is cable tv, too.

Until today, I had been avoiding the computer -- I didn't bring mine and didn't want to impose on Hubby -- although I did play hours of Bookworm on my iPod. I took a bunch of photos (which I'll be downloading and editing this evening) and did a little writing (I should have done more) but mostly just relaxed.

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