22 May 2009

Is it opposite day?

I left work early with a headache today, came home, had a nap then with Kiddo in tow we went to the city pound.

After last week's disappointing experience at the SPCA, I was bracing myself for similar at the pound. In fact, it was absolutely the opposite. The staff member was very happy to see us, personally introduced us to each of the cats available for adoption and then told us about the kittens. She did tell us which cats would be best to avoid (alas the very pretty white one was also somewhat of a crazy hide-in-the-corner type) for us once she learned we had another cat and a child but with a completely neutral attitude that assumed we would know best. It helps, probably that they have policy that you can bring the pet back if it doesn't work out within the first two weeks.

I had already looked on the web, so I had an idea of what pets were available (but I expected the kittens to be adopted pretty quickly). In fact, the one we had seen online was still available. We filled out an application, were approved right away, and we signed all the papers (and paid all the fees).

Meet Minnie:

Meet Minnie

a.k.a. Min or Minimum -- the counter to our current cat Max, whom we also call Maximum. Why, yes, we are dorks. She was happy to be handled and very sweet but oddly camera-shy (I'll soon change that). She is still a bit young to come home; we should be able to pick her up Tuesday or Wednesday next week then she will go back on the 9th for a little nip and tuck and the first of her shots.

Before then, we have some kitten proofing to consider... even tougher than baby proofing because babies don't jump. Wish us luck.

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Star said...

Congrats on the new addition. She is adorable.