03 May 2009

Food in the city

Tonight, I made dinner. I felt the need to make up for my last attempt at dinner when I saw something on the internet and thought it would be fun -- stupid internet. So tonight, I made a nice Greek-style chicken, rice, dilled carrots and a cucumber and tomato salad with tzatziki.

I've been thinking a lot about food this weekend. Aside from the garden always being on my mind, yesterday I spent quite a bit of time working on rebuilding my restaurant guide (for the newer review style see Don Mee, Bard & Banker and Floyds 2). Thinking about meals past and future made me quite hungry. When I went back to it today, I stumbled across a couple of food blogs I had no idea existed: the Victoria Buffet Blog and the Victoria Burger Blog. Locally, there is also The Little Piggy reviews -- I know about them but I tend not to check them too often as I find they come at the reviews from a much different perspective. Surfing further, I got sucked into the forums at Vibrant Victoria so I got little else done this evening.

Earlier in the day was also food-centric; this afternoon we watched The Future of Food -- nice because it helped us explain to Kiddo why the backyard garden is so important to us, beyond thestandard eco-speak she gets fed by media and through the curriculum. Of course, it also scares the hell out of me -- especially as I have relatives farming Monsanto grains. The most startling fact presented is that roughly 97% of all the varieties of seeds grown at the start of the 20th century are now extinct. Even allowing for a survival of the fittest mindset, assuming that some varieties wouldn't be suitable for North American climates, or that some varieties would essentially become invasive weed species, 97% is a lot to lose. As I said to Kiddo this afternoon, it's why I am planting some heritage varieties of seeds. I suspect Kiddo will be spreading that fact to her friends tomorrow -- I probably should check if it's accurate.

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Ada Saab said...

even more reason for me to offer you some of my rare heirloom tomatoes. I counted today and I think I have 12 seedlings. Waay too much for my plot.