29 April 2009

New Wheels!

Hubby picked me up from work today and we went to Bicyclitis where we each got a new (to us) bike! Yay! I got a very 80s mountain bike -- a Kuwahara Parkway -- and Hubby got an manly looking red number complete with shocks on the front forks.

retro_lettering new_ride

It was short a pannier rack so I grabbed one of those too (and installed it this evening, despite having to scrounge for longer bolts than were supplied). Kiddo has a bike too -- we found one at Value Village last Friday -- so today Hubby also picked up (and added) training wheels and a big sproingy safety flag. We also went to Sports Traders to grab a rack for the van (to hold all three bikes) and new locks.


After adjusting things, I went for a quick loop around the block. Oh, how I missed that feeling! I hope to bike to work tomorrow; I expect it will take me about half an hour. I'll let you know.


Nicki Robinson said...

I like your Parkway bike! I have the same one but in red, do you mind me asking how much you bought it for? I'm looking to sell mine as times are a bit tough...

Cheryl said...

I think I paid somewhere between $160 and $180 last year.