06 May 2009

Interesting week

... and it's not over yet.

So far I have attended a bunch of meetings --including some last minute scheduled meetings -- a Norman Foote performance with Kiddo, and an impromptu preview Webinar for tomorrow's free Flash Basics course. I've also done some historical sleuthing (to determine the age of a map I'd scanned) -- I had to admit it was fun wearing my History hat, even for a brief period -- updated websites a-plenty, and tilted at a few windmills.

Tomorrow, I have the Flash course plus two trucks full of books to deal with. Also, at some point, I have to address the mountain of paper on my desk. Seriously, I think it ate my coffee mug. I have to clear my desk so that I can prepare to relocate -- the dominoes are finally starting to fall and it looks like by sometime in late May/early June I will have a slightly different viewpoint when I stand to look over the cubicle walls.

Outside of work, the weather has been super-random -- lots of wind and rain, so I had Hubby pick me and the bike up on Tuesday and I took the bus today. Of course, taking the bus is now the annoying option because to get to work by 8 I have to leave the house at 7:10 -- if I bike, I leave at 7:25; if I drive, 7:35 (but that cuts it close). So as long as it isn't too beastly in the morning I'll be back on the bike.

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Anne said...

Sounds like you're very busy!!! I give you a big thumbs up for all of your bike riding - I really need to do it too. I realized that working full time really cuts into my desire to exercise...

As for the pile of paper on your desk - mine is atrocious. But not as bad as it was!!!!