12 April 2009

Happy Easter!

It's Easter morning which, around here, means an egg hunt before dinner with Hubby's family. In my continuing quest to find stuff other than candy to put in the eggs, I decided to split a LEGO set up and hide it for her. Don't fret, she got some candy, too... just not a mountain of candy.


It took her almost no time (certainly less time than it took me to hide them) and now she is merrily building a drag racer from the LEGO.

But what else have we been doing? It's been almost a week since I last posted! Well, we've been sorting stuff for the yard sale and trying to source dirt for the raised beds. We've fallen behind where I wanted to be for planting, but there's still time. We got a truckload of "busted up sod" delivered for free but getting the grass out of the dirt has been a huge challenge. On the plus side, I bought some compost accelerator a while back and it has been working wonders on our compost -- it should be ready to spread in the beds very soon.

Yesterday, I mowed the lawn (first time it was dry enough to do so) and it looks good. The day before, I discovered to my delight that there was rhubarb dormant in the back yard which I had unknowingly insulated by covering the area with leaves last fall. I had been gradually using the leaves to layer the compost and had finally cleared enough away for the rhubarb to sprout through! Yay!


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Star said...

Leggos! What a great idea. I searched in vain for something small enough to go n the eggs. We did half candy and half money. We put very little candy in his basket besides what was in the plastic eggs. He still got too much sugar.