23 April 2009

Wait, it's Thursday already?

(Oh heck. It was Thursday when I started writing this; it's just past midnight now, so it is officially Friday.)

This has been one busy week - and continues to be. Work has been full of tasks that are heavy on the time they take and the physical side but light on the brain function required. Today I had my usual hour-long webinar class on Photoshop CS4 (totally free -- offered by Creative Techs in Seattle) but prior to that I had an interview for another job in the library. The position is at a much higher level and is in public services but with a tech and training slant. I should know by the weekend, or possibly early next week whether or not I am the successful candidate. If not, I still have my current job so it's all good.

Tonight I am off to see got to see The Killers in concert -- so exciting! The last concert I went to was Blue Man Group and really, I don't think that counts as a rock concert. We also took our niece for her first ever concert (she's 16) and she seemed to be pretty excited about it all. The opening act was Wild Light -- kind of a Killers/Coldplay hybrid -- unremarkable for the most part though they did have one song I enjoyed. Of course that was the one they didn't name. Sigh. The Killers started strong, worked in some newer songs in the middle, then ended with three of my favourite tunes: Read My Mind (I love this song soooo much; I listen to it almost daily), Mister Brightside, and All These Things That I've Done (that's the one that goes, "I've got soul but I'm not a soldier" -- I can't separate that from Justin Timberlake, though, thanks to Southland.) They also came back for an encore with Bones, Jenny Was a Friend of Mine, and When You Were Young, complete with pyrotechnics. A few times I just closed my eyes and smiled, feeling the pounding bass course through my whole body. Worth. Every. Dime.

Tomorrow, I will be moving as much of the 5 yards of dirt we had delivered today from our driveway to the raised beds. Saturday we are off to Nanaimo, in search of garden ornaments for zombification, and Sunday is Hubby's birthday so we are celebrating with food, friends and family.

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Star said...

Good luck with the job and the ornament search.