01 April 2009

Trying something new...

Since unearthing my stash of knitting needles, I wanted to knit something. I still haven't decided what to do with the green wool so I hauled out a bundle of chunky chenille style yarn, grabbed the last print issue of Craft and looked through my needle stash for 8mm dpns (double pointed needles). I had a 7.5mm set which I decided was close enough if I knit the larger size of the pattern for Knit Gradient Mitts.


I had no idea at all what I was doing with all those needles but the pattern for fingerless gloves is ridiculously straightforward otherwise (just knit stitch) and I further stupid-proofed it by omitting the stripes (mainly because I only had one colour of yarn). I am making some progress, slowly, and regardless of whether my technique is sound, the end product seems to look the way I expected it to look.


I don't think I will ever consider knitting with dpns relaxing (Amy's description of "wrestling an octopus" keeps popping to mind), and I don't think I'll be knitting in public with dpns until I can compare my technique to someone else's.... but it is good to remind myself that I understand enough about knitting to be able to pick up a new tool and make it work by just applying what I do know.

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