03 March 2009

Reading and Writing.

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I have been trying to make an effort to read a little more these days. The iPod/Stanza combo really helps -- I just finished reading Rudy Rucker's Postsingular which I quite enjoyed.

These books have been at my bedside recently:

Stephen King On Writing
TC Boyle Talk Talk
Beck & Bineti Gardening Month by Month in BC
Pete Allen (ed.) Amityville House of Pancakes
Peter Biskind Down and Dirty Pictures (on floor/not pictured)
...plus whatever is on the iPod.

Some of these I've been reading on and off for some time, others are more recent additions to the pile.

Of course, on the other side of the coin is writing. I received word today that I did not make the semi-finals for CBC Canada Writes 2009 but I am still pleased to have been in the top 10 of 1500 entrants.

No worries. As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I will soon have my hands full of movies to review and now I can focus on finishing some other writing projects, too. I might even enter more contests.


Star said...

You should be proud of making that top 10. Will you be giving it another go?

Cheryl said...

Maybe. I'll probably listen pretty closely this year... and see how hard it is. Then, maybe I will give it another try next year.

In the meantime, my goal is to finish the three things at the top of my to do list then start entering contests or maybe even sending off query letters.