02 March 2009

new yard, new garden, new challenges.

Spring is creeping up fast and this weekend was meant to be garden prep but it was a watered down version due to crummy, cold weather. Still, we mapped out where the raised beds are going in the back yard (three 4'x8' beds plus the odd square one already started) and discussed putting potatoes, pumpkins and edamame in the front yard. We also bought an armload of new seeds, another starting tray, and a simple/cheap plastic-covered greenhouse to start seeds outdoors. (Hubby also wants to grow peppers -- and bananas too, but I think that would require a humid, heated greenhouse.) The structure should easily set up on the cement pad at the back.

I also bought a couple of great gardening books for inspiration -- one of which is packed full of useful information such as how to grow potatoes more or less above ground (mulch!). I'll likely try this method because I hate trying to dig them all out at the end of the season. [I liked the book, Newspaper, Pennies, Carboard & Eggs so much that I reviewed it on Medianook.]

In the mean time, I am thinking I need to build a spreadsheet to figure out where exactly all the plants need to go to get the best yeilds.... so much to consider: soil composition, amount of light, amount of water, pests.... sigh.


Other new stuff: over at Game-Boyz (where I have reviewed the odd game), there is now a movie section. You can look for my reviews to start popping up in there soon. This doesn't mean an end to Medianook, just a new forum.


Chair said...

I keep meaning to bookmark you, silly me. It's finally on my menu :)

If you e-mail me (chair.briere@gmail.com) your mailing address I'll mail you a copy of Garden Bugs Of British Columbia (which I co-illustrated)! I have way more copies of the BC one than that I'll ever need for myself, I'm happy to spread the love to those who'll get more use out of it!

Cheryl said...

Oooh! Thanks, Chair! I will do so right away. :)

Z├ęzette said...

You got my attention when you mentioned bananas! Are you aware that Tim has a mango tree growing in a pot on his deck? We planted it just before I left, and last I heard it's still going great guns. I love this!

They grew bananas at Findhorn, did you know? Or so I heard, anyway. So it's been done. The thing with bananas is that they like lots of water, but rot quite easily. So they spot you find them growing commercially is generally sloping, for excellent drainage. And I suppose it's not likely that your local nursery there is going to be selling you banana suckers, is it? So actually getting some could be your biggest stumbling block.

I'm an experienced grower, so if there is anything I can do to help, just let me know. I concede, though, that living in this part of the world it hasn't taken a great deal of skill on my part to get them to flourish.

Please grow bananas! I'm all a-quiver!