21 March 2009

The Garden Takes Shape...

Ahhh. We had enough of a break between rain that we could put up the greenhouse, finish one raised bed and build one of the two others. The greenhouse, unfortunately, is not one I would recommend. It has a "no-tools-required" aluminum pipe and plastic hub frame with a plastic/vinyl cover that is a pain-in-the-backside to put together. We'll see how it performs. We still have to fill the beds, of course, but I'm very happy with the progress today. Here's the before and after shots of the area we were working on:


Align Centerafter

And an overview of the back garden area; there's one more bed to be built more or less where the palettes are sitting:


I have been watching the sun paths for the last month and I think there will be enough hours of sun in these areas for most of my plants... I may have to resort to putting tomatoes in mobile containers... we'll see.

I'm also pondering the front yard where I plan to put potatoes and pumpkins... again, we'll see.

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