08 March 2009

Busy busy....

After a lot of tinkering and content building, we have a good start on the movie pages at Game-boyz where you'll find me posting movie reviews and news in the coming months.

This week we've also been busy building bookshelves, replacing the awkward pine storage shelves we originally purchased for the basement. Hubby did 90% of the work -- I pitched in by moving the stuff off the old shelves and pushing other stuff around; I also did some of the cuts with the circular saw. The result is a double-sided set of shelving made to accommodate our books -- now we can retrieve the remaining boxes from storage, YAY!

The shelving was one part of trying to tidy and rearrange the house a bit, in part to welcome friends visiting from New Zealand this week and in part to prepare for kiddo's pending birthday party. This weekend, I took two hours to help her clean her bedroom, removing two small bags of garbage, one large bag of mixed paper for recycling and a full load of laundry. Sigh. I also re-worked things to give her a little more space. Finally, I put up some more posters on her wall then mounted another bulletin board and magnet board so she can post all her bits of paper.

Today was a nice day out and about including brunch with friends, a wander through town, and a jaunt through this month's grid (part of Fernwood) before returning home. More puttering, both online and off, capped off a busy weekend.

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