12 March 2009

Happy Birthday, Kiddo.

Yes, today my little Kiddo turns 8 -- halfway to her learner's license (not that she wants to drive) and heading into "tween" territory (she already watches Hannah Montanah and similar shows).

This morning, she opened her gifts, had breakfast, then had a meltdown that quickly ramped up the terror level in the house to ochre. And what caused the meltdown? Her discomfort with the telephone. Her cousin phoned to wish her a happy birthday and she accidentally replied, "Happy Birthday to you too!" which made her angry with herself and angry enough to put down the phone and run off. Sigh.

Among her gifts was a much-wanted hand-held game system. She loves my iPod Touch as much as I do but we wanted to get her something more durable. Initially we were looking at the PSP but after standing in the aisle at an electronics store, we realized that the number of titles and more importantly the number of age-appropriate titles were far greater for the NintendoDS -- so that's what we got for her. We also got her a few games (it came in a bundle with two; we bought one more) and she will be getting other titles soon (her uncle works for a major game developer). As if that weren't enough, we also got her two GBA Video cartoon cartridges an item created for GameBoy Advance that play on the NintendoDS (thank you, Wikipedia for the info and Amazon.ca for the seller!)


In other Kiddo-related news, yesterday evening we had "student-led conferences" at the school -- somewhere between parent-teacher meetings and show and tell. The highlight of the evening was her artwork: one piece was in the form of a Lite-Brite classic display with rainbow stripes on each corner and "[her name]'s work of art" in the middle; the other was a 3D giraffe (all the kids did a version) but, she explained, hers had "mad cow disease" which manifested as a tongue hanging out and limbs stuck out in all directions. Hee Hee :)


Star said...

Trust me when I tell you she will get overr that phone-awkward phase. Before you know it.

Cheryl said...

Yeah, if she's like me, the phone will be attached to her ear from age 13 to about age 22. Or she'll just get really adept at IM.