18 January 2009

Vegas vacation thoughts....

Yes, Las Vegas and yes, with Kiddo.

Hubby and I had planned to go to Vegas for our 10th anniversary since we've never been but, as you may remember, a broken ankle kept us from doing so. At least we managed to see the Blue Man Group while they were in Victoria -- one of the main reasons we'd considered Vegas in the first place. Aaaanyway. Since then, one of the other reasons for going (the Star Trek Experience) has closed (bah!) but on the other hand, there are now regular direct flights from Victoria to Vegas.

So, we've been thinking about heading down for a couple of days in February. Neither Hubby nor I gamble so we don't have to worry about juggling Kiddo for casino time so I spent time online yesterday looking for other ideas. I got pretty excited when I found out there was a monorail but disappointed at how little area it covers. I also noted that there is both a Bodies exhibit and a display of Titanic artifacts (Kiddo is fascinated by all things Titanic) at the Luxor and I was amused to find many bowling lanes on the Strip, too.

We haven't booked anything yet so I haven't spent all my waking hours researching.... but give it time. Once we are booked, it'll be the only thing in my search history.

(Oh, and if any of you have suggestions for what to see and what to avoid, let me know.)


Ted Godwin said...

Circus Circus felt like a waste of time. We thought we could at least watch some circus acts but it was a very small capacity venue with not much space for performers. In the time we were there we were unable to see any performers. That said there was some sort of indoor amusement park that we ignored because it had a separate admission. The motel section was a reasonable price with a decent set of pools right there.

Hmmm, perhaps our experience was a wee bit tainted by being there after the worst days of driving at eh back end of a three-week road trip. :)

Star said...

How exciting. We went for 4 days , in Febreuary, a couple of years ago.We spent a grand total of $20 gambling at the slots, so we are not much into the gambling either. We had a blast just visiting the casinos, walking the strip and people watching. We saw a couple of shows. We saw Lance Burton' s magic show that kiddo would like. And we saw a revue that was definaely not kid friendly. If I think of anything else I wil email. Did you know tht one of Star's photos rom LV is on Shmapps.com? I think it's Mde. Toussards Wax Mseum.

Cheryl said...

Ted: thanks. We were already planning to go to the Adventuredome or whatever it is -- this trip is all about "splurging" -- but I've heard similar stuff about Circus Circus from others.

Star: I have a photo in Schmapps, too (of Granville Island)! Yeah, people watching and just looking around is going to be a big part of our time there.

Amy said...

Hello Cheryl! Greg and I have both been there a few times. We'd recommend Cirque du Soleil "Mystere". It's a great show. We have seen 3 of the 4 they have in LV. This one was the best.

Treasure Island has a fun (but possibly stale by now) pirate show several times a day for FREE!!!

We found the monorail system a letdown because it is so limited and LV is so damn big! Don't forget to use public transport (bus) and go to the old downtown at night for the "Las Vegas Experience" light show. It's nice.

The stratosphere also has some fun rides on the TOP of the skyscraper. What a view!

And of course, make sure to have an "in-n-out burger" for us vegetarians! ;) yum.

Anonymous said...

Too bad about the Star Trek Experience...it was cheesetasic!
I recommend Mme Toussaud's, you can find 2-fer coupons in the 'Welcome to Vegas' booklets they have in the cabs and hotels. People watching is definitely awesome there, tho if you're walking the Strip be prepared to explain all the little cards and flyers for nekkid ladies to Kiddo!! (We got quite a collection going...)Also FAO Schwartz is in Caesar's Palace, along with a couple of actually pretty cool free animatronic shows. Well there's my two cents...