30 January 2009

Adventures in Optometry

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On and off Kiddo has been complaining of headaches and sore eyes and more recently these complaints have increased. This coupled with the news that she needs to work on her hand-eye coordination really hit the point home that we were long overdue in taking her for an eye exam.

I arranged to take her in at the same time I got mine done so she could see how some of the tests worked. Unfortunately, I didn't warn her about just how uncomfortable the glaucoma test (that nasty little puff of air to test the pressure in your eyeball) so that wasn't pleasant for anyone in the office. After that she calmed down and the rest of the exam was relatively uncontested. As soon as she started trying to read the letters on the chart I knew she needed glasses. My heart sank -- why had we waited so long? Eventually I stopped kicking myself and just decided it was better late than never.

Me? Well, aside from getting nauseous from the eye dilating drops, I discovered that my eyesight has improved again. Weird. I have roughly 20/25 vision plus a mild astigmatism in one eye and "virtually 20/20" in the other. Of course the change means new glasses again. Sigh.

So, tomorrow, we'll go find some glasses.

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Amy said...

Ah, don't worry about it. My parents heard me whining about how I thought I needed glasses (because they had glasses) for YEARS before they took me. And by then I really did need them.

More recently, I had LASIK in 1999; 2 years ago I noticed things were getting blurry but I thought it was because my eyes were dry. I finally got an eye test and they told me I needed glasses again. How naive of me. I thought I had dodged that bullet by having surgery.