18 January 2009

A brief bright moment.

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Poor Kiddo. She had a day of disappointment.

Most of the day was about waiting; her friend was supposed to come over for a play-date but never showed and never called. Unfortunately, we didn't have his phone number so we couldn't check about it either.

Once it seemed clear to me that he wasn't coming, I suggested putting together the soccer goal she got for Christmas. I realized we should have checked a little closer when she pulled the ball out of the box -- it was about the size of the cat's head. She was not impressed. I told her she could still use her full size ball. The goal is tiny -- meant for little kids -- but it is still a goal and she can still aim at it.

She played outside for about 15 minutes then declared it was too cold, came in, and moped until she also realized he just wasn't going to show. Hubby tried to tell her that it likely wouldn't be the last time she was stood up ("Because guys do that sort of thing; ask your Mother.") but that didn't really help her mood.

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