20 January 2009

Interesting day....

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It's weird. I am, in general, very pessimistic, and I will not blog some of the scenarios that have run through my head in the past months since Obama was elected to be the next President of the United States. However, listening to his swearing-in this morning, I actually got a little choked up.

All around me, people were watching live video, or listening to streaming audio (I was listening to CNN radio) -- productivity definitely took a hit this morning. (Happily, it coincides with our system update at work, so productivity was already scheduled to dip.) Hubby just plain booked the morning off to watch.

Apparently, Obama is coming in to the Whitehouse with an unprecedented 78% approval rating. As Bush drove away, you could hear the crowd singing "Na Na Na-Nah, Na, Na Na-Nah, Hey, He--eyy, Goodbye." The next 100 days may be some of the most interesting in recent history.


[I am hoping this photo stays available -- it's a fantastic shot by minicoopergirl on Flickr and I used the Blog This feature to share it with you all]

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Mike DeWolfe said...

I was given the morning off, but that boiled down to 30 minutes where work didn't boil to sudden urgency. Good thing Obama spoke fast.