07 January 2009

Clean is Good.

Between being frugal and being green, there are many reasons to make your own household cleaners. In the past, I've done this in fits and starts but not any more! I decided to buy a set of spray bottles and a few other containers and create my own labels with the recipe printed right under the name of the cleaner! This means that when the cleaner runs low, it's easy to replenish.


If you want your own set of labels, you can download the template I made -- they are made to be printed on shipping labels (2"x4") in a pinch, you could print them on paper then cut them to size and use packing tape to affix them to your containers. (You could also just print out the list and tape it on the inside of the cupboard where you keep your supplies.)

Included in the set are labels and recipes for glass cleaner, all purpose spray, disinfectant spray, hardwood floor cleaner, furniture polish, air deodorizer, shower spray, mold and mildew spray, laundry soap and dry carpet cleaner.

Most of the recipes use easy-to-find natural cleaners. Some also include essential oil and one uses tea tree oil. A wee warning about the tea tree oil -- it is a strong smell that not everyone finds pleasant but I guarantee it will be preferable to the mold or mildew it is intended to combat!

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Star said...

I applaud your dedication. As much as I am trying to think and act "greener" I am not sure I am ready for this commitment.