18 August 2008

Moving forward

OK. So, I still hate the whole concept of staging, but I am getting past it. Tonight, we packed the remaining media (we bought zip-up binders to hold about 220 of our favourite DVDs and 20 audio CDs; the remaining DVDs and CDs and all the empty cases were packed), moved out the desk (off to my Mother-in-law, to replace her broken one), cleaned the hall closet (two bags to charity, two big boxes packed) and packed up Kiddo's "downstairs" craft cupboard.

I really want to get the orange bookshelves out of here now that they are empty (they're already listed on Craigslist for free; I'll likely list them on UsedVictoria and Freecycle too...) and with the media shelves empty and boxes starting to pile up, it is starting to feel more like we are moving.


Hubby also attended what was supposed to be the council meeting that would deal with our patio issue but they didn't quite have quorum. That said, everyone in attendance agreed that we should be compensated, the question now is who foots the bill. I can't put much in writing, but let's just say there's a chance we will have to take a third party to small claims court.

Oh, and on top of all this, I have come down with a summer cold -- I left work early with a splitting sinus headache.

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