20 August 2008


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I'm thinking of getting this photo enlarged and printed on canvas to hang in our bedroom (the stager suggested a "large piece of art" be hung over the bed to make our room look "more adult" -- I think it will make it look like a hotel, but whatever).

I chose this photo because it's neutral without being colourless, it appeals to me on many levels (Zen, the grouping of 3 the perspective, the bamboo, the fact that it is local to Victoria), and it kills three birds with one stone -- we get our art for the staging, it's something we would want to keep, plus it's a photo taken for the Victoria Grid Project so I will have one piece ready to show when the group gets a gallery showing.

What do you think?


Tim Bailey said...

I think that would look very nice (slightly abstracted, as those photo-to-canvas prints always do). Alternatively, in order to make the people viewing your home more comfortable, you could hang a canvas that said "Yuppies Suck!" :)

Ted Godwin said...

I think it would be a great idea. A chance to see and share your work as bona fide art. As a "required" expense in selling the home it also feels like you are getting a free artwork.

Cheryl said...

Tim: ha-ha! I could disguise that as art, too...

Ted: yeah, it'll cost about $100 but I will factor it in as part of the staging cost rather than "frivolous art purchase." :)

Star said...

You need to make your bedroom more "adult"? Dare I ask what's in there now? The photo will make a lovely wall hanging. The stager sounds like a piece of work.