14 August 2008

Corvus v. Big Tobacco

Tuesday, I saw something that made me laugh riotously and wish I'd had my camera with me: a very rough looking crow (feathers sticking out at all angles, some bald patches) fished around outside a restaurant and hopped away with a cigarette in its beak. Yes, it looked like it wanted a smoke.

Hubby tried to get a photo with his cameraphone, but the crow dropped the cigarette. I expected the bird to give up and go on to something else. Instead, it started picking apart the cigarette and eating the tobacco.

That can't be good.

Then I wondered, can crows become addicted to nicotine? How about seagulls? I smell a nice juicy class action suit.....


1 comment:

Star said...

I bet that was a sight. I had a squirrel doing an imitation of "killroy" on my front porch. I too, did not have a camera near enough.