02 August 2008

Hair and Music

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Thanks to my black-dyed hair, getting colour on my head other than black took a lot of effort but my hairdresser persevered and so I have chunks of a nice orangey-red mingled in among the black. She also re-did the roots so that things would blend ... hooray! It took almost three hours start to finish... but I think it was worth it.

After finishing my hair, we went into town and grabbed some lunch then wandered to Centennial Square to take in some of the Victoria Electronic Music Festival. Unfortunately, it did not live up to our expectations... so we left after an hour. (Part of the problem was that Kiddo wanted to be there but wished "whoever was making the music so thumpy and jumpy would stop." I tried to explain that the thumping and jumping was pretty much at the core of electronic music, but she wasn't buying it.)

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