17 August 2008


Today we had a visit from a home stager -- part of the package our Realtor provides -- and it went about as well as expected. (By that I mean "poorly"; I really don't understand the need to live out of a suitcase and make our home look like a hotel suite for the length of time it is on the market.)

At one point, I actually left the room when the stager was telling us to sort things "dispassionately" and when I expressed concern over potential stains on a new carpet she told us to "control [our] pet" -- really? You try telling a cat not to hack up a hairball on pristine carpet.

After she left, Hubby and I had a discussion in which some compromises were made. Yes, we'll paint. Yes, we will get rid of all the shelving (this is a major compromise on my part -- I don't understand the point of a living room without a single bookshelf or media shelf.) But we aren't going to do quite as much work on the kitchen as she thought was needed and we are not going to "make the [storage room] door disappear" by painting it white. The carpet is still up for debate.

Of course this means it will be at least a month before the "For Sale" sign goes up -- I think I was hoping for half that time. Sigh.


In other news: I posted a review for X Saves the World over on the Medianook and for those who are interested, we are posting details of what we're selling/giving away over at ThoseDeWolfes.


Star said...

A stager? Sounds like something from a reality show. I will be interested to hear if you think this got you a better price for you house han if you had done what you thought needed doing.

Tim Bailey said...

A Stager, in my mind, is someone who dresses and acts like Joanna Lumley's character in AbFab: "Shelves in your living room? The last room in the home that should look lived-in is the living room, darling. Shelves are for the public library."


Cheryl said...

Star: I'll be doing before and after photos and you better believe I will be watching that bottom line!

Tim: LOL!! Yes, that's pretty much exactly what it felt like.