09 June 2008

A Weekend of Firsts...

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(for Kiddo)

This weekend, Kiddo got to take a taekwando lesson (at a birthday party), go Go-carting and jump around in a kid-size Habitrail (in Nanaimo), drive her own bumper car, and ride two other new rides -- the Sizzler and the ferris wheel -- at the Oak Bay Tea Party.

Pretty exciting weekend for a seven year old... apparently too exciting.

She couldn't sleep last night; she kept having nightmares about the ferris wheel flying off into space (and crashing on the moon) or one of the other midway rides coming loose from its rigging and smashing into the ride she was on. Hmmm.

Thing is, she didn't seem scared at all while we were there so I am not sure if her brain just started working overtime or what's up, but it made for a rough night.

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