13 June 2008

No! NO NO NO NO!!!

Sometimes, I just want to find the people who pitch things like this and slap them into another dimension.

And now I am going to light a candle for the end of childhoods everywhere. Morons.

[from kirtsy]


Tim Bailey said...

I would swear mightily if I didn't have a policy against doing so on other people's sites.

This product is *actually* the commission of a moral wrong. Such parents should be brought in for questioning.

pastilla said...

Perhaps by throwing girls' spines out of alignment before the age of one, women of the future will be able to wear high heels for many more hours a day with a higher degree of comfort, confidence!

Z├ęzette said...

Coming soon: g-string diapers.

Cheryl said...

Tim: please, don't let me stop you from swearing; this product has earned a certain amount of bile.

Pastilla: your ability to find a silver lining is a bit disturbing.

Zezette: SNL already did a Huggies Thong parody -- it's one of my favourites, featuring the line "Oh, no, they're MUCH worse than regular diapers!" delivered in a perky advertizing pitch tone.