30 June 2008

Under the M...

Apparently I'm not the only one doing some digital housecleaning; popular* local weekly, Monday Magazine has finally redesigned their website. The difference is astounding. I am happiest about their move to a flexible calendar since that was the worst part about the old site and the main reason I would ever check online (though for some reason, the editor is still pointing out that you can read the giant/useless pdf version of the calendar for a while, until staff adjust to inputting everything on the new calendar. Ugh.)

As it happens, there is a great article up this week about the extremely dubious Climate Action Dividend and the many, many groups whose hands are extended in hopes that people will part with their $100. Hubby also had a great rant up about the subject, plus a photo of all the paper used to mail the silly cheques and The Tyee lists many of the groups vying for your Campbell Cash. We've already put ours in the bank and more than half of mine went toward a tank of gas, the rest went to groceries. Thanks, Gordo.

*(Readers may remember that Monday Magazine is not so popular in this house -- warning: link includes graphic content. I have mostly stood my that promise not to pick up another issue, though I will admit to having picked up maybe three issues in the past year on autopilot and checked the website about the same number of times when other venues are exhausted. Overall, if they disappeared, I would no longer notice.)

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