21 June 2008

Kiddo's Chichian Empire...

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A few weeks ago, Kiddo used some scrap fabric left over from a Huggitz crafting session to make her own little critter. She called it a Chichian and she took it to school for show-and-tell. Soon afterward, other kids started asking her for them -- she has made two others for friends -- and she is off to a birthday party today where the birthday girl asked for one as a gift! I suggested making a pair (regular size and BIG), so that's what we did this morning.

Right now, Kiddo picks the fabric and the buttons for the eyes, and does all the hand-sewing; I prepare the fabric and do the machine sewing. She also helps to stuff the critters.

I think it's very cool that she is making these little things but even cooler that her friends and other kids actually want them; they even play with their Chichians at recess!

And, yes, I have suggested that she sell them on Etsy... but so far, she hasn't gone for that yet!


Star said...

Ahh. Just like her Mom.

Tim Bailey said...

What a great way to learn about the social (if not monetary) value of creativity!

Amy said...

Good for you and kiddo. I'm glad she's embracing her creativity just like her mom. And she's looking so much like her mom as well. Better watch out she's gonna knock the boys dead when she starts dating.