13 June 2008

Dental work for Kiddo....

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Friday the thirteenth may or may not be seen as unlucky, but I am pretty sure that Kiddo will forever more equate it with the icky feelings that follow dental work.

Early this morning we trucked her into the office of a Pediatric Dentist -- his office is overflowing with dinosaurs and there is even a game system (a PS2) in the waiting area -- for an all-at-once marathon of dental work. Amazingly, the dentist did all of it inside an hour: filled 6 cavities, performed two pulpectomies (with crowns -- basically the juvenile equivalent of a root canal), sealed four adult molars, and extracted her "shark tooth" -- a baby tooth that was refusing to fall out despite the adult tooth coming in above it.

In a typically weird Victoria's-a-small-town moment, we ran into good friends of ours in the waiting room -- also bringing in their daughter for dental work.

She is still recovering; really didn't appreciate the after-effects of dizziness and double-vision (but she's clever enough to figure out that if she covered one eye, she felt better). She should be able to sleep off most of the ickiness, though, and if she feels up to it, we'll be headed for Buccaneer Days tomorrow.


Tim Bailey said...

All of that in ONE HOUR? How many arms did this guy have?

Cheryl said...

Just the usual two, but that office runs pretty smoothly; he also had an assistant to prep fillings and whatnot and a nurse who oversaw Kiddo's vitals while he worked.

Believe me, with all the dental work I have had, I was seriously shocked by how much he accomplished. Of course, you also have to consider that baby teeth are much, much smaller than adult teeth, so there is proportionally less to fill, etc.