14 June 2008

Parade day!

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Without really planning it, Kiddo and I walked in the Buccaneer Days parade today. We knew it was happening, but hadn't been sure about attending due to her dental work. It all worked out though, and we got to join in with some of her good friends, as we all walked along with her school group in the parade down Esquimalt Road. We couldn't have asked for better weather -- it was a beautiful day for a parade.

For the last leg of the tour, she even got to ride in the pirate boat buggy (seen here) that her friend's mom was pushing. There's a chance she will show up in the News Group papers, too, as a photographer took their photo and their info.

After the parade, we went to the midway, but didn't end up staying long. Kiddo was sad because, while she is now tall enough for some of the more exciting rides, she is now too tall for the Dragon Wagon, one of her favourites. Sigh.

I am hoping next weekend is mellow. Maybe just crafting or a quiet walk along the waterfront.

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