20 October 2007

Stormy Harbour

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It's been stormy around here of late -- apparently it is the leftovers from Tropical Storm Lingling and it is making for some very mixed-up weather patterns. Within minutes the skies change from angry grey to bright blue with puffy little clouds; you have to dress prepared for anything.

Last night the rain was coming down so hard it was bouncing back up off the pavement several feet and with the wind, it seemed to be coming down in several directions at once. Just walking from the car to the front door meant getting soaked head to toe.

Ahh, fall.

We're off to Nanaimo today, just a brief roadtrip for no real reason other than just getting out of the city for a few hours.

Monday, I'll be back at work -- half-time for the next month -- so we'll see how that goes. I don't expect to get much done the first day or two; I joked that I should record a You-Tube video of FAQ answers (I'm doing well, I'm in physio now; yes, I will have to wear this boot for a while longer; yes I have metal plates and screws holding my leg together; no, it doesn't hurt much most of the time; yes it did suck, but at least it wasn't fatal. ....)

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