02 October 2007

Out and About


Three days in a row I have left the house -- that's the most activity I've managed since getting back from the hospital! Sunday, we went out to see the Blue Man Group (after which, my opinion of SNL regular Fred Armisen went up several notches). The hardest part about the evening (aside from getting to and from the van) was resting my right foot on the floor for two hours, so really, not too bad.

Monday, Hubby took me up to campus to drop off some forms, pick up a new bus pass, and say "hi" to everyone. I really didn't enjoy all the hopping on the concrete... but it was nice to see people. Afterward we went to see my Mother-in-law's new place (small but nice, and fully accessible).

As I was hobbling toward the front door, some idiot woman passing by started laughing at me, "Ha ha, you broke your foot!" to which I asked, "Excuse me? And you're laughing because....???" and she says, "Well, look at you! Hah ahaha!" after which there was an exchange of insults and curses, after which hubby yelled at her a whole lot more. Some people just plain SUCK. The thing is, she wasn't like some batshit crazy lady or anything, just an average looking middle-aged person who clearly had issues.

So, yeah, yesterday was hard.

Today, I went back to see the surgeon -- what a clusterf&*# that was! We arrived at about 8:55 for my 9:00 appointment.... we got herded into the x-ray area around 9:15 and it took about an HOUR to get through the sheer backlog of people that managed to get crammed in there, and who ended up being x-rayed in reverse order to when we had arrived. Grr. (Really, there was no reason for moving us in a huge group. Last time, the nurse moved us along two at a time and the only backlog was waiting for the surgeon; this time, the backlog was continual.) So a 9:00 appointment meant we left the hospital at about 10:40.

However, the surgeon said things looked good, and I could stop hopping and start putting weight on my right foot (hooray!). He also gave me a referral for physiotherapy along with an explanation of what I needed to work on. I remembered to ask about whether I still needed to sleep with the cast on; the short answer was "no" but with a warning that I might find my foot to be stiff in the morning.

So, I walked (albeit slowly) out of the hospital. Then we went over to my Mother-in-law's again so hubby could help hang some art and set up some electronics. After that was a trip to Cook Street Village where I did some more walking (woo!) and finally, a brief drive to check out the location of the Oswego hotel before gathering Kiddo from school.

It feels weird, but good to put my foot down on the ground again.


Mike DeWolfe said...

I look back and chuckle at all of the things I said to that old dingbat. I do hope all of the bad things I suggested happen to her. I do believe she was the product of her mother's intimate congress with her grandfather.
I think people pick on the disabled. It makes me want to find six bikers, doctor them to look sickly and handicapped; put them in wheelchairs then let them react as they find natural to what people say and do to them:
"On tonight's news, a menopausal whackjob was beaten unconscious after she mocked what turn out to be a Hell's Angel member conducting a sociological study."

Z├ęzette said...

It really is remarkable what some people will say to perfect strangers out on the street. Since I've been wheeling twin babies around the place I've been absolutely astonished at some of the things people have said to me. I haven't had this one for a while, but when we were first getting about people would frequently stop me to ask if the babies were conceived via IVF. I may be a little prudish, perhaps, but it would never, never occur to me to ask a random person on the street about their fertility. Another one we get is, "Better you than me." Mike's right: some people really do suck. Thankfully, though, most don't.

If the universe works as it should, the silly bag tripped and broke her ankle just after you parted company.