27 October 2007

Pint-Sized Halloween Fun

Well, we survived Kiddo's first shot at hosting a Halloween party. There were six guests and some loosely planned activities; the two biggest hits were the Sculpey creations -- we started out by getting the kids sculpting some monsters and other Hallowen-y things which we then baked for them to take home -- and reading I Spy books (Spooky Night then Treasure Hunt) -- an on-the-fly activity I started when one guest had bored of crafting but we weren't quite ready for the next activity; soon most of the kids were gathered round helping each other find the hidden things in each picture.


Once the kids realized they could tuck in to the treats, they dove in -- Cheezies® were the overall hit; I think every guest had a bag (and I suspect we'll be finding strays under furniture for a few days yet....). At this point, the kids started amusing themselves; some playing gate-keeper, others watching Monsters Inc. which was playing in the background.

Next was Halloween Grossology (not scientific at all -- more like the old campfire game where bowls of goop are passed off as body parts); guests were blindfolded and led into the kitchen where hubby let them feel bowls filled with various things -- cold tea bags, spaghetti and pumpkin guts, and peeled grapes. This too was a hit; more than one kid wanted a second chance!

All in all, I think everyone left happy, andKiddo was certainly pleased. Hubby and I were both pretty much exhausted, but we'd happily do it again.


Amy said...

Cheryl, you ROCK!!! Kiddo is a lucky kid. I hope I'm half as cool as you are when I'm a mum. ;) I love hearing about all the fun stuff you guys do together.

Cheryl said...

Awww, thanks, Amy! And is there a known timeline for when you're a mum? ;)

Kiddo and Hubby deserve equal billing on this party though. We all sat down last weekend and "brainstormed" the activities (we didn't, for instance, get around to Pin the Leg on the Spider....) and Hubby did the legwork for the Grossology and Sculpey sessions.

Amy said...

Nope, no timeline, no deadline. We're just enjoying being married.

Ah, I see... a brainstorming sesh. Well it sounds like the family did an excellent job then. Kudos to all of you! And BOO!