18 October 2007

Sidebar Tidy-up

If you ever look to the left of what I write here, you'll have noticed various links and widgets which I sometimes rearrange. Today, I added the "autoroll" widget, which promises targeted blog recommendations for readers (we'll see... ) and updated some of the other little buttons and links. I also moved the archives list down to the bottom of the sidebar, so that readers get to see the other stuff in between.

The other thing I have been pondering is a tag cloud... what do you think? Are tag clouds useful? interesting? or just more clutter?


pastilla said...

I don't have an opinion about tag clouds (I rarely pay any attention to them on other people's blogs :) Does the autoroll make money??

Cheryl said...

The autoroll doesn't make money, but it is supposed to bring in more traffic...

The same company has a targeted ad roll, but right now it is only working on French blogs. C'est dommage!