31 October 2007

Happy Halloween!

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Yes, folks, it's that day again.... a day of costumes, candy and general creepiness... and yet it's a Wednesday.

As a parent, I know mid-week is good for Halloween, but my inner 18-year old is a bit bummed. (Not that I am in any shape to party this year....) Of course my inner grumpy-old-man is happy that not only does midweek generally mean less chaos, but also that the City of Victoria has also really reigned in the fireworks sales this year, so there will be fewer ya-hoos blowing up pumpkins.

I will be going out this evening with Kiddo, but I don't plan on walking too far (Hubby will do more of the walking, and other friends will be coming along too). I expect by the time we get home I will just want to collapse.

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