08 February 2009

WWE action in Victoria....

OK, this is too odd not to post. Reading our local newspaper (online), I discover that pro wrestler Chris Jericho got into an altercation after a show here on Saturday that ended with assault charges. The incident was captured and posted on YouTube.

The article makes it sound like Jericho went after a bystander but from the way I see it, a bunch of morons rushed his vehicle, taunting him, even pushing him until finally, he pushes back. This makes me very happy that we were up-Island yesterday afternoon.

Here's the video:


Coffee Expert said...

I cannot believe you posted this!?

I cannot believe I watched it.

Didn't anyone tell the crowd that pro-wrestling is staged?

Cheryl said...

I suspect that the people in this crowd would punch you for suggesting that any part of pro-wrestling was staged.

But you are right, the guy got yelled at, spit at and pushed around for "doing his job," i.e. losing the match as had been arranged months earlier.