13 February 2009

Lucky 13

Aside from a few potholes in my way today, it's been a good day, overall. I burnt my breakfast, but my morning transit was smooth. I had to deal with some minor software hiccups but managed to beat Contribute into submission and get done the project I'd been assigned. (I am quite happy with the result but it still has to get the go-ahead from a number of stakeholders.)

This evening we had a sushi dinner then took Kiddo to a "Valentine Social" -- I was expecting an update on the "sock-hops" we had at her age  but instead we got to watch a gym full of kids raid the equipment closet and reenact the first chapters of Lord Of The Flies. It was cut short by a basketball to Kiddo's shin which prompted a tantrum. We ferried her over to her Nana's for the night and went out for a late snack at The Mint followed by a walk around town.

Back home, we exchanged Valentine's gifts early and settled in for the night.

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Ada Saab said...

Franklin's "Social" was surprising to us as well. It was dark and loud and the PAC was selling glow sticks, grass skirts (Pacific theme), fruit cups and pizza. More money to be spent outside with the silent auction.

We lasted 30 minutes and headed out. There is only so much "Lady Gaga" and screaming that my son can take - nevermind the rest of us and our pocket book.